Friday, January 27, 2006

Improve your Website

I just had a frustrating experience! In trying to publicize this website I decided to e-mail clubs via their websites using the links at ECAts Bridge.

Many websites were excellent and clear. A lot were not! Some (quite a percentage) simply did not exist. Others had e-mail addresses that were very difficult to find on the site or the e-mail simply 'bounced back'.

I know people will say that the main purpose is to inform their own members of results and news but surely we are trying to attract new members via the website.

It can be a time-consuming (though absorbing) task to maintain a site and I'm sure that I'm setting myself up for criticism about my own sites but I would welcome feedback.

If you think your site is a good example of what we should aspire to, let me know and I'll place a link to it on here.

Response from Leigh Harding

Have just found your blog via Playbridgeuk site. It's full of interstingstuff and I might have some contributions on a couple of the topics when I'mmore awake. Meanwhile... in response to the 'Improve Your Website'article I'd like to put forward my club websites as good examples (aftersome considerable trial and error developing them)!

You might also like to have a look at gained the experience I am currently offering to create free websitesfor bridge teachers and would be happy to extend this to anyone who wants awebsite for a NOVICE bridge club.See I'll put a link to your site on the club websites as I'm sure the memberswill find it interesting.

Leigh HardingBridge Teacher


Anonymous Anonymous said...

In response to your request for 'good' Bridge websites, I humbly suggest ours

Although very simple, I have set this site up using CSS and can alter the global appearance of it in a flash.

This year, I have also added sections for both our Teams of 8 along with match reports, score sheets and hand analysis.

From very humble beginnings, this basic HTML site has now sprawled to over 1Mb in size.

All weekly score pages are generated by our Scorebridge program and my next intention is to teach myself how to automate the Teams of 8 pages via Excel (hopefully!!)

7:11 am  
Blogger Duncan said...

Great facility, Thanks foer setting it up.

2:57 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was contacted recently by someone who had started setting up a web site for their club and then they found out about the web site that I maintain for bridge clubs. If they had known about it they would have used it earlier because, used with ScoreBridge, it automates so many functions necessary to build a web site.

4:46 am  
Anonymous pattayabridge said...

A good bridge site?
I'm biased of course, but have a look at It has a great conventions section where conventions are free to download and print, a free news sheet every week, and the biggest bridge book review site on the web. Check it out!

5:07 am  

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