Monday, March 05, 2007

EDU The English Domino Union

When I used to occasionally frequent public houses, I was partial to the odd game of dominoes. It was always a friendly relaxed affair often played in a special room called the 'snug' , devoted to this and other games such as darts or cribbage.

One played with whoever might be in the room at the time and impromptu competitions were often organised. The rules were simple and everyone had a good time. Sometimes there were even competitions between different pubs and leagues were formed.

Imagine the scene in your local when the landlord approaches the players with the following. "Now lads I have some news for you! This pub is a member of the English Domino Union and we pay them an annual subscription for a whole range of services to benefit you and all domino players. For example part of the subscription sends the English Domino team on its world tour. Marvellous! I have really exciting news -the EDU needs more money so that funds can be made available for the development of the game. They have decided that all domino players should be members of the EDU so that new players can be attracted into the pubs. I know this will excite you all and you will be along soon to fill in your direct debits"


A Is the average social Bridge player very different from the average domino player in his/her attitude to an enjoyable pastime?

B Will the average Bridge player react to the EBUs latest policy statement in a similar way to that than can be envisaged for the average domino player!

C Has the EBU finally lost its collective marbles?


Blogger Joe Ridyard said...

How I agree with you.

As an average club/social player I have objected to most of the technical/procedural aspects introduced by the EBU to bidding and play.

And now they think we should pay them so they can interfere even more with the game at club level.

Honestly I just do not understand them.

I just want to enjoy a few hands of bridge each week. - that's all.

I cancelled my EBU membership when they published their Development Plan a few years ago and stopped playing at my local club when Announcements were introduced.

I just hope many more members will now leave the EBU and that clubs will also end their affiliation with them as that is the only way the EBU will get the message that they are ruining the game.


Tony Stevens

9:09 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

message for Tony Stevens !!!

I have parted company with the EBU after 30 years + & 3 clubs in West Sx also decided not to renew their affiliation with the EBU/County.

Terry Kelly
Chancton DBC

4:03 am  

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