Monday, March 27, 2006

Teams of Four-is it a good thing?

This week is one of our weeks in the year devoted to a Teams of Four competition.We play this only on our Wednesday sessions when there are 5 Wednesdays in the month. We never play 'teams' on Sunday. It occured to me to ask the question as to whether this is a good format or not? I can think of some advantages and disadvantages:

1. Many would argue that this is true Bridge where what is necessary to win is to make the contract. Overtricks are relatively unimportant.

2. There is more of an incentive to bid a variety of games and slams. The necessity to bid 3 no-trumps regardless is much reduced.

3. Feedback is instant. Each team scores up at the end and the winner is usually known on the night.


1. Organisation is more difficult. People forget that it is teams we and turn up without another pair (one local club reverts to 'pairs' if this happens-we don't).

2. Movements can be more complicated, especially with an even number of teams.

3. Players are unfamilar with the format and scoring and this can slow things down.

How does your club organise 'teams' events? Are they popular or unpopular. Should they be a frequent occurrence or an occasional treat? Submit your opinion!

This comment received from Tony M

Teams of 4 is the most popular event at the Yeovil Bridge Club. We play teams every 4th Thursday of the month and we get between 10 - 13 tables.
We have produced movement cards so that players can see which table they should move to but the Director still calls the move on each round.
We ask teams to agree scores with the opposition at the halfway point and again at the end. We have found that this reduces any scoring errors.
So yes - we at Yeovil in Somerset think Teams of 4 is a good event.

I suspect that most people will agree with this as Teams events in Somerset are very well supported.


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