Thursday, August 03, 2006

alcohol and bridge

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What is the influence (sic) of alcohol on the experience of Bridge in your local club?I ask the question as it seems that it is difficult to open the paper or switch on TV without hearing about problems caused by alcohol in sport.Bridge clubs vary greatly in their environments, but few in the UK are lucky enough to have their own premises. This means a whole range of rented venues. The first club I joined (a long time ago) was in the upstairs room of a rather run down pub. The following will give you an idea of the atmosphere. I went to the bar and asked for a packet of crisps. The barmaid was very apologetic- "sorry we don't keep crisps as we suffer from could have a pie if you like though!" Needless to say I declined. The pub did have a great atmosphere though and was patronised by an interesting social mix of players far removed from the conventional picture of a club in the 1970s.Bridge now often takes place in rooms in sports clubs which have their own bar and lounge as does Daten BC. The other club I attend has a bar in the actual Bridge room. Still another club I have been to is in a church hall with no alcohol at all.It seems to make a difference to the clientele. The club in the church hall is overwhelmingly female in its membership and very welcoming and friendly. The clubs where alcohol is served are more mixed in membership terms and perhaps a little more 'lively', though still having a good atmosphere. Alcohol seems to cause few behaviour problems though I suppose this is difficult to be certain about! Some players seem to play very well after consuming copious amounts. The main effect is that play is slowed down when there is a bar in the room as players queue to be served at the end of each round.What is your view on the topic. Have you any alcohol-related Bridge stories to tell


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After one drink my bidding gets a little more aggressive. After two drinks I find it's harder to keep in mind which low cards have been played. After three it's honors and trump that are hard to count, and after four I keep asking the opponents "what was my contract again?"

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