Tuesday, July 11, 2006

No Fear Bridge- The Website for Beginners

We are all aware that it is increasingly difficult for beginners to find lessons to start them off or to upgrade to club duplicate standard.

A website that goes a long way to providing an internet based solution is


Lessons are available via a link to a New Zealand based site called House of Cards at a modest cost. I tried out the lessons (there is a 30 day free trial). It was easy to register and obtain a user name and password.

On first logging on there is an excellent introduction at the most basic level. "What is a trick?"

There were tutorials and hands in progress which is was possible to join as well as hands to play against the computer. The players seemed to be from New Zealand but playing an Acol system. Played a couple of games-my partner opened 1NT-thought it might be weak and turned out to be strong (missed a slam). The whole site seemed excellent and could be recommended as a starting point for complete beginners.

The no-fear site is generally very good in its own right. Leigh Harding, the creator, has included quizzes, flash cards, a bidding book. There is information about Teams and duplicate pairs and an excellent section on learning bridge.

There is simply too much in this for me to describe it all. If you are a beginner and also if you teach bridge this simply should not be missed!


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