Saturday, April 08, 2006

National Associations -are they any use?

I would like to talk about the role of national associations in promoting the game. In England, the English Bridge Union seems to have a very bad image among many players.

Certainly, in my club, members seem to have little or no interest in it. We are not affiliated to the EBU and have not been for many years. In the past when we were affiliated the main function seemed to be issuing Master Points. Players in the club showed little or no interest in this and resented the money expended on it. They also seemed to not be interested in any competitions organised by the EBU and wished to play mostly only in local clubs. Because we could see no benefit from the EBU and hardly anyone was a member our affiliation ceased.

I know that the EBU has important functions. It promotes MiniBridge in schools and colleges and has an important function in prescribing the laws of the game.

Recently one member, who is member of the EBU, expressed an interest in Master Points as he plays on the on-line EBU site. I said that I would contact EBU to see if we might re-affiliate. I e-mailed them but received no reply!

It does seem wrong that members of a typical English club should feel this way and see no value to themselves or their club in being connected to their national association. Is this a situation that is repeated in other countries? What is your view?


Blogger Peter Rowlett said...

EBU master points appeal only to players' vanity & green pointed events are merely a cash cow for the EBU. Play enough and pay enough and anyone can become Regional Master and above. Clubs could, if they wished, issue their own points, with prizes awarded at the AGM. This would also encourage attendance - play more, win more points.

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